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Här är vårt utbud av guidade turer och utflykter på Fernando de Noronha i Brasilien.

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Scuba Diving for Certified Divers or Beginners

Duration: 04 hours

Fernando de Noronha is bathed by the "Outer sea" (Mar de Fora) and "Inner sea" (Mar de Dentro). The Inner sea, which is the side of the island towards the continent, has very calm waters between April and November and between December and March it experiences some waves. The Outer sea always has clearer visibility than the inner sea, yet dive success still greatly depends on ocean conditions and time of year.

Daily operation with modern catamaran boats. Morning, noon and night dives available. Leading diving areas of the world - diversity of marine life (dolphins, turtles manta rays, big groupers).  Average water visibility of 25 meters and temperature is 27 degrees C all year round. Dive sites for all levels - from the beginners to the technical diver. 
With more than 25 diving sites, Noronha is considered as one of the best places for diving in Brazil. Rich marine life, colourful coral reefs and important variety of species makes the scuba diving at Noronha an amazing adventure. For Certified divers or Beginner/First Experience divers, it is the best way to discover the wonders of the underwater world of Fernando de Noronha. 
The tour begins with the transfer from pousada to the harbour at the time previously arranged (morning or afternoon). Once on the boat, for the Certified Divers, dive instructor will give a briefing about marine life, dive spot profile, safety procedures and National Marine Park rules; as well as assist them getting equipment on. With the Beginners, lecture will be on equipment functions, buoyancy, safety procedures and underwater communication. Certified divers will be taken on groups of 4 divers to one dive instructor, and the Beginners will have one dive instructor assistance, individually.


Dive tours go on separate boat according to their skills: Certified diver or Beginner, so each one may enjoy the dive spots according to their experience following international safety procedures. Snacks and fresh water to refresh while heading back to the harbour. After disembark, there is the transfer to drive back to the pousada.



Dolphin Watch Boat Tour

Duration: 03 hours

Start at the San Antonio Port on regional boats, passing by the secondary islands of Sela Gineta, Cuscuz and then head to Ponta da Sapata, the island’s easternmost edge, and return back passing in front of the Dolphin Bay (home of hundreds of dolphins living freely) and stop for a refreshing swim and some snorkelling at Sancho’s Bay. 

Boats are not allowed to go inside the Baía dos Golfinhos, but it is permitted to take boats in front of the bay. These tours usually provide an almost guaranteed opportunity to see the Spinner dolphins swimming and jumping around.

One of the best locations in the world to observe Rotifer Dolphins is at the site officially known as theBaia dos Golfinhos(Bay of Dolphins) in Fernando de Noronha, where they can be observed in their natural habitat. In fact, the waters surrounding the island are supposed to be the most important breeding ground for dolphins, globally. Rotifer or Spinner Dolphins, called so, because of their characteristic of rotating their bodies while jumping, can reach a length of about 2 m and about 90 kg when fully grown. These dolphins, whose scientific name is stenellalongirostris have a dark grey back with light grey stripes and a white abdomen. They have a multifaceted social structure and can usually be found in groups, ranging from 2 to 200.

Island SIghtseeing in 4x4 Vehicle

Duration:  08 hours

Tour around the archipelago in 4x4 vehicle and see beach highlights with some stops for swimming and snorkelling. Highlights of historic Vila dos Remédios: Governor´s House, Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church and the Fortress of Remédios.
Beaches: Snorkelling at Sueste Bay (turtle feeding area), Praia do Leão (Known as Lion beach because of a rock that looks like a sea lion lying down viewed from the side), Dolphin and Sancho´s Bay trail. Dolphin Bay is where hundreds of dolphins live freely. Head to Baía dos Porcos lookout to have the beautiful view of Two Brothers rocks (Morro Dois Irmaos). Then go swimming at Sancho´s Bay with an expansive sand beach that tops the list of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches. 
Tour moves on to the Santo Antonio Port area – climb the hill to see the small church of São Pedro, visit the Buraco da Raquel rock formation, the former Air France building used by the first water-planes from the Aéropostale that crossed the Atlantic to link Europe to South America.  Well known pilots such as Mermoz and St-Exupéry are part of our history as the pioneers of commercial aviation. See more beaches: Cacimba do Padre (surf spot), Baia dos Porcos, Praia do Bode.

Sunset VIP Tour
Duration: 03 hours
Sunset in Noronha has a unique beauty. To make this moment even more special we invite you to appreciate the sunset from a boat, surrounded by nature. The boat leaves from the harbour to the Morro Dois Irmãos, fresh fish and snacks are served and there is a stop at Conceição beach for a nice swim.  It is also possible to have a tow dive and snorkelling equipment is included.


Atalaia, Pontinha & Caieiras Trail
Duration:  5h                                                    
Difficulty level: High
Known as the long Atalaia beach trail, visit the natural sea pool and find a shark nursery as well as other marine life, besides appreciating the exotic and wild environment at this side of the island. There is a limited number of people allowed per day, and time will be determined according to the sea tide.
After the Atalaia natural sea pool, trail continues for other two free diving spots. Rocky path may be found so this demands a good physical preparation and willingness. Trail ends at Caieiras beach.
It is strictly forbidden to swim with sunscreen in the Atalaia natural sea pool. It is strongly suggested to bring enough water, snacks/fruits, hat, sunscreen as well as wear sneakers.


Capim Açú Trail
Duration: 7h
Difficulty level: High
Trail begins at Quixaba Village. This hike demands good physical condition, because apart from mountainous challenging environment, it lasts up to 7 hours. The departure time will depend on the sea tide. Departing from Quixaba Village, continues to the VOR (lighthouse) belvedere, amazing landscape and some ruins. Quick break time and move along towards downhill to Capim Açú cave and some natural sea pools for swim. Hiking on top of rocky path and slightly slippery. Tour ends at Leão Beach. It is strongly recommended to bring enough water, snacks/fruits, hat, sunscreen as well as wear sneakers. 


Leão Beach Trail 
Duration: 5h                          
Difficulty level: Medium
Visit the belvedere of Abreus, Sueste Bay and Leão beach. Depending on the sea conditions you can also snorkel to watch the marine life in one of the most visited spots of the Island. Leão beach is the place with the highest concentration of Turtle nesting. Watch your step, there’s usually signs pointing where the nests are. In front of the beach you’ll see two big secondary islands: Leão Islands, named after its shape of a sea lion, and Viuvinha Island, named after a small bird very common at Noronha. 


Morro do Piquinho Trail  
Duration: 02-03 hs                                         
Difficulty level: Medium
Ee start the tour close to the Boldró area on a small unpaved road that leads right in to the forest. We follow a small trail through the vegetation where we can see plants native to the island. The trail leads us upwards to the highlight of the tour, which is the top of Morro do Piquinho at 321 meters height. Here we will have beautiful view of the entire main island and the secondary islands. If it is possible to do the tour at sunrise or sunset the views are even more astonishing.


Dolphin’s and Sancho Belvedere Trail
Duration: 3h                          
Difficulty level: Easy (Accessible for disabled)
Hike the new trail, structured with suspended wood walkways, learning about the flora and fauna of the island. Bird watching spot.  Reach the Dolphin lookout (70 meters cliff) to see a great view of the Dolphin Bay, a sanctuary where hundreds of dolphins live freely. Then move to the Sancho´s lookout – this beach has been nominated for 03 times the most beautiful beach in the world by Trip Advisor.


Abreus Trail
Duration: 5h                          
Difficulty level: Medium to High
Narrow trail with a breathless view to Abreus bay on the outer sea of the island. Abrupt downhill arrives at a calm and clear sea pool with rich marine life. Exclusive place that must always be visited at low tide. 


Emerald Coast Hike
Duration: 4h
Difficulty level: Medium
Ideal for Bird-watching (Frigates, widowers, thistles, atobas). Hike through the inner sea extension and is blue and emerald colour water.  Cacimba do Padre, Porcos Bay, Bode, Americano and Boldró beaches, stopping for snorkelling and bath. Tour schedule depending on the sea tide table.


Historical Hike - Elizabeth Garden
Duration: 4h
Difficulty level: Medium
Hiking begins at the old road to access the harbour. Pass by Elizabeth Garden, N. Sra. dos Remédios Fort, Museum, and the beaches: Cachorro, Meio and Conceiçã. N.S. Remedios Church, old prison and São Miguel Palace.
Elizabeth garden was used to acclimate plants brought from Europe.


Belveders Coast Hike
Duration: 4h
Difficulty level: Medium
Great for photography lovers. Hike on suspended wooden walkways to Dolphin´s, Sancho´s and Morro Dois Irmaos´s belvederes. Descent on the famous stairs inside a crack to get on the Sancho beach fora swim. Start and ends at Sancho´s Visitors Centre (PIC).


Hawaiian Canoe
Duration: 02 hours
Tours usually happen early in the morning in order to see sunrise, or at the end of afternoon to enjoy sunset. Leaves from Santo Antonio beach. Tours may be individually or in groups up to 4 people. No previous experience needed, there will have a guide together.

Instructions are given at the beach, with information on the canoe tradition, history, rowing techniques, the environment, how to behave with marine life at the sea, itinerary – which will be personalized according to each participant group.
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