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Katerre Expedition - Wild Apau

Kryssning 4 dagar/3 nätter

Denna kryssning passar för dig som gillar äventyr, vattenfall och nära kontakt med naturen. Kryssningen går i ett område av regnskogen där landet höjer sig till en platå vilket gör att regnskogen är rik på vattenfall. Tack vare det näringsrika vattnet så är det rikt djurliv i denna del av Amazonas. Naturen är storslagen som alltid och upplevelsen av att vara så nära näst intill orörd natur är fantastisk.



The left bank of the lower Rio Negro, the section between rivers Apaú, Jauperi and Rio Branco, has a low density of population, abundant flora and fauna and mainly, a rich morphology. It is also where the Anavilhanas National Park is located, besides the most beautiful and wild waterfalls in the whole region.


Studies have shown that Anavilhanas islands, formed around 18,000 years ago, were created by the deposit of the Rio Branco river discharges into the Rio Negro. Rio Branco is very dynamic and full of life. Its sediments carry a lot of organic matter, food for small fish and fruit plants, which in turn feed a big chain of large fishes, aquatic mammals, birds, reptiles and land animals. Its flora also has a high incidence of Samaumas, the biggest tree in the Amazon.


This itinerary, launched by Katerre Expedition in 2012, is the gateway for those who seek deeper experiences in the Amazon, and like to be carried away by the unparalleled sensation of being in the immensity of the forest.



Dagsprogram - Dag 1

- Transfer from the hotel in Manaus to Novo Airão at 09:00 am in an air-conditioned van.


- Quick explanation of the fauna, flora, watersheds, regional customs and maps to trace the route. You will receive the "Ecotourism in Rio Negro" booklet and custom maps in PDF format.


- Arrival in Novo Airão at lunchtime.


- Start of the Katerre Expedition in Anavilhanas Archipelago. Lunch on board.


- We leave the boat for the first excursion where we follow the aquatic trails in igapós, lakes and holes of the Anavilhanas Archipelago with probable viewing of Tucuxi dolphins (Sotalia fluviatilis), Pink Dolphins (Inia Geoffrensis) and Otters (Galbulidae), among others.

You will also see the the birds of the season: Maguari (Ardea cocoi), Herons (Casmerodius Albus), Blue and Red Macaws (Ara Ararauna), Parrots (Amazona Festiva), Heron-Tiger (Tigrisoma lineatum), Japiins (Cacicus Jail), Japós (Psarocolius Decumanus) and many more.


- Swimming with lifebuoys in the river Rio Negro.


- We will carry on with the aquatic trails until we get near to the opposite bank, where the boat will be waiting for us.


- Dinner is served on board.


- Overnight stay in the cabin of the boat, while it navigates on the Apuaú river until Igarapé Içana.



Dagsprogram - Dag 2

- The day rises in the region of Apuaú River. After breakfast, we go with a smaller motorboat on the Igarapé Içana streams until we get to its main waterfall. He we stop to experience the beutiful nature with baths, diving in the river and other aquatic activities.


-"Caboclo" Lunch: grilled fish and side dishes


- After a nap in a hammock, we start hiking for about 1:30 in the virgin forest until we get to the waterfall of ‘Igarapé do Trovão’, another stream of the Apuaú river. We arrive at the place to contemplate two natural pools and check in at the camp, already established by our staff.


- Dinner, campfire, caboclo folklore stories.


- Overnight in tents or hammocks, the customer's choice.



Dagsprogram - Dag 3
- We wake up to the sounds of the forest, our staff prepares breakfast, followed by leisure in the waterfall, pools and contemplation of the surrounding nature.


- On the way back we offer two options: return to the main boat by motorboat on the ‘Igarapé do Trovão’ stream or return on foot, followed by rafting canoeing style on ‘Igarapé Içana’, which has a considerable current.


- Boarding and return to Rio Negro, with lunch on board. Relaxation time in the comfort of the boat.



Dagsprogram - Dag 4
- We wake up once again at the Rio Negro river.


- After breakfast, we leave the boat to visit a giant tree that grows on the nearby islands.


- Returning to the boat, we start navigation towards Novo Airão.


- Interaction with pink dolphins.


- City tour at Novo Airão: handicrafts, craft workshop and city attractions.


- Farewell Lunch on the boat.


- Transfer from Novo Airão to Manaus, arrival at 16:00 pm.



Information Katerre Expedition

The purpose of the regional style of the Katerre Expedition boats is to provide our clients the feeling of traveling like the local people do, but with more comfort, safety, and onboard services. Wooden boats, ranging from 40 to
80 feet, with a solarium, covered leisure area, tables and chairs, cabins, space for hammocks, electrical power, kitchen, lunch table, washrooms, mineral water, beverages.

Motor rafts and canoes are also added, according with the excursion needs.




The cruise is made with one of two newly reformed vessels:

- Jacaré-Açu with three floors is 64 feet long and has eight cabins.

- Jacaré Tinga with two floors is 53 feet long and has three cabins.


All cabins have air condition, private bathrooms, high mattress density and goose feather pillows.


The vessels are equipped with:

• Bank of Batteries for conversion 220V-110V, offering clean and noise-free energy when anchored;
• GPS, Sonar, Radar, Radio, Nautical Maps, Iridium cell-phone;
• First -Aid kit, pharmacy, experienced and certified team;
• Complete kitchen with oven, freezer, refrigerator, etc.;
• Equipment for overnight in the jungle, Powerful flashlight for alligators spotting and Walkie-talkie radios for the trail;
• Binoculars for bird watching;
• Large photographic maps;

• Multiples leisure areas: Solarium, Living Room, Bar, Observatory and Leisure decks;
• Card games, dominoes, chess and backgammon;
• Thematic library with maps and photography books;
• Inflatable rafts and accessories for swimming in the river and waterfalls; Fishing rods;
• Leisure area with chairs and barbecue grill;
• Boats inspected/approved and fumigated;
• Optional equipment for tree climbing.



Ta med på kryssningen

T-shirts, long sleeved shirt, sneakers or hiking boots, jeans or track suit, hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, binoculars, flashlight, camera and film.
Sweatshirt or sweater recommended from June to September. 



Viktig information

The exact distribution of the tours will be confirmed upon boarding the ship and may be altered depending on weather conditions.



Bokning och mer information

Ta kontakt för bokning och mer information på vår e-mail:






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